We offer many options for customers to shop our cameras and cases on our website but for the ones looking to purchase the full package, our bundles are the way to go. They offer extra accessories and packaging that’ll make your experience with the paper shoot camera that much better.


Each bundle offers you a different case depending on the look and feel you’re going for, a few of our options include a cork case, a vegan red or black leather case, or our most popular CROZ Vanguard case which is completely transparent allowing you to see the entire camera board from the outside.

Our bundles offer more than just our regular camera orders, they come with gorgeous detailed packaging and different accessories like a 32 GB SD card, and our effect lenses which come in micro, wide, radial, and six prism effects. You’ll also get a micro-USB cord and a strap to keep your camera safe while you’re out and about shooting your photos. Our bundles vary in pricing so check out our website for more information on bundles, what they come with, and which one fits your specific needs!  

Written by Alyona Real

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