About The Paper Shoot Camera

The Paper Shoot Camera was invented in 2013 in Taiwan by the incredible inventor George Lin.

His innovative take on the digital camera provides an eco-friendly camera option. These revolutionary digital cameras take photos like a film camera, giving you that film aesthetic without having to go through the trouble of developing it. You can simply upload all your images to your computer, for easy access!

“Point & Shoot - Less Is More” has been the main concept of the Paper Shoot brand. We encourage our customers to take on the world and capture their surroundings in a simple, yet fun way!

With everything on a screen nowadays, the Paper Shoot Camera has made it easier for you to enjoy your life and the people around you. Be in the moment, and check your images at a later time.

Paper Shoot Camera - North America Team

Paper Shoot North America has officially launched in December of 2020. Our team is working with the innovative team in Taiwan to bring the Paper Shoot Camera to Canada & The United States.

All cameras are shipped to you from within North America, leading to quicker shipping times and easier access to these incredible devices for North American customers.

Our team is dedicated to provide North America with an eco-friendly, trendy yet simple point and shoot camera option.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our North American team members!