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Camera Board Only

R$ 600,00

The nostalgia of film and the simplicity of a digital camera got married and had a baby, and that baby is the Paper Shoot. And now we’re popping the hood for you! We’ve got cute cases and snappy accessories, but we know we’re only as strong as our tech. Our 18MP camera boards might be tiny, but they also pack a punch. Think of them as the Stuart Little of cameras.

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Camera Board Only

R$ 600,00
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Camera Board

1 18MP Camera Board 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Not happy - Is this site even real?

It seemed like a really cool product, however it’s been weeks since I’ve paid almost $300 for their products and I have not seen my package status change from pending or heard from any customer service representative that I reached out to for an update as to why it’s been weeks. I did give them at least 3 days to hear back. Still waiting to hear back for a refund. Would not recommend this website as it seems like a scam to me. Seems very happy to take my money but not ship the product I bought. Would not recommend.

Works with one caveat

I very much enjoy the pictures this camera board takes. The issue I have with my camera boards is the included charging cable often doesn't work. When you charge the batteries using it the green light should turn off after a couple of hours. I recommend using a different cable

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Express Your Personality with Every Shot

Whether you're in the mood for classic black and white, warm sepia, vibrant full color, or cool moody tones, each mode adds a unique flavor to your pics. With just a flick of a switch, you can turn ordinary moments into unforgettable memories and bring your world to life in a spectrum of styles. These color modes are perfect for capturing any mood or moment and promise a world of photographic fun!





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